100 Women Who Care Sullivan County is a philanthropic women’s group, coordinated by the Sullivan County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. This group is designed to provide financial support for charitable causes in Sullivan County, IN while creating a sense of community. 100 Women Who Care is open to all women – the more women who care involved, the greater the impact!



100 Women Who care is composed of women who share a common desire to give back to their local community.

Members commit to donating $500 annually. The first $100 supports an endowment in the Sullivan County Community Foundation that will be used to serve future needs. The remaining $400 is used to support the 4 nonprofits selected by the members throughout the year ($100 at each meeting). For example, if there areĀ 100 members, each quarter the group will award a $10,000 grant to a local nonprofit organization.